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Albion The Black Market: Gamers Can Make What They Want

Le 1 juin 2017, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

Albion Online update an exciting new feature, The Black Market. Arguably, it assist your video game unique, Albion Online is player-crafted gameplay, hence, gamers can create every item and weapon in the game, gamers have ability to make what they want, if everything is crafted by gamers, and what can drop? needless to say, the theme of today: The Black Market. 

The Black Market is based on one character, an NPC that can be found in Caerleon. What happens is that you sell your items to him, and then he’ll go around and distribute it to other mobs, other factions, and put the items in chests all over Albion Online. Through this, everyone now has potential access to the items you’ve made. You can now visit U4GM to get cheap albion online gold

Now, you can buy certain items from him too, but as this isn’t your typical market, and the price of the item can change greatly. As for drops, when you kill a mob, the game will look into the Black Market and see if something is available. If it is, it’ll drop an item.

About what is black market and more details, for instance, how does the black market buy items as well as other benefits of the the black market. Read more at U4GM, the team know that other mechanics may cause you to wonder whether you should go to the Black Market. What this means is that it's low cost to you to give them to him, you will get the reward from selling it to him. 

Let's Talk About Albion The New Feature The Black Market

Le 1 juin 2017, 09:38 dans Humeurs 0

Albion Online have now an exciting feature, from mobs and chests alike, both will now be player-crafted: The Black Market. Gamers have entitled to make use of this new NPC buys items, and then crafters and resells them to the different factions of Albion, as a result of that, the items will be loot drops. Having being said, what is the black market? today, let's talk about the new feature of Albion Online: The Black Market.

What is the Black Market 

Simply put, in a game that player-crafted, how do you have equipment drops in a game? Apparently, answer is: have the players craft the drops. In fact, this is where the Black Market comes into play. For this new NPC, and it can be found in Caerleon, the central city of the Royal Continent and the only city linked to the Outlands. 

The Black Market as an Item Sink

In Albion Online, gear constantly gets destroyed through PvP. This is especially the case for high tier items, causing lower tier items to accumulate in the economy. In order to create a genuine lower tier sink, we have made the Black Market trader somewhat corrupt. 

How Does the Black Market Buy Items

The Black Market is not your typical merchant, as he does not have a set price per item or infinite demand. Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance a buy order is generated for the Black Market. Once there are a certain number of active buy orders for an item, the Black Market will start increasing the price of the item. This means that everything on the Black Market is directly linked to players’ actions in the open world.

Where is the Black Market getting its funds to purchase items in the first place? We are balancing it in such a way that the orders generated always correspond a percentage of the silver dropped by the mob. This ensures that the silver in the game stays balanced/stable. 

Other Benefits of the Black Market

First of all, we can now also increase the amount of item drops in general. Previously, item drops have been very rare to non-existent, as we did not want to interfere with the player-driven economy. 

Secondly, the arrival of the Black Market means we can remove the need for Essences in refining. Essences are originally introduced to the game as way to connect PvE activities and crafting, and were a rather artificial band-aid fix. 

Lastly, we are also removing refined resources as a drop from mobs and  chests. They will be replaced by player-crafted gear drops instead.

The Black Market in Albion is definitely an exciting feature, if you have more questions, and need to be answered, recommend you click here to get more latest informations.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Is A Majorly Upgraded Version

Le 31 mai 2017, 10:47 dans Humeurs 0

Undoubtedly, Final Fantasy is the most well known RPG series around, hence, Final Fantasy XIV will get a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the first version of the game wasn't well received. On the contrary, it exist a series of cons, such as poor UI and it is full of nonsensical restrictions. Check out a great amount of Final Fantasy XIV content:

There is main reason why Square Enix decided to remake Final Fantasy XIV with a new engine to support improvements deemed necessary for overall gameplay. When Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn was officially launched, to a certain extent, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a majorly upgraded version of the MMORPG. 

The game features 6 playable races: the horned Au Ra, the human Hyur, the elf-like Elezen, the giant-like Roegadyn, the dwarfish Lalafell as well as the kemonomimi Miqo’te. In addition, each race is subdivided into two clans each. The races and clans in this game are mostly cosmetic, the only thing that differs gameplay-wise are their starting stat points. Every race and clan can access all class and jobs.

Final Fantasy XIV will offers a stunning visuals as well as well-developed class system. Final Fantasy XIV earns high marks for its story, group combat, multi-class job system is a great MMO game that deserves the Final Fantasy series name. Finally, as a Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast, don't forget to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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