Albion online has a long-term success, and the game will be allowed to make more important improvements. The developers would much rather use to make a better game, until now, all gamers believes deep down that the game will be better that previous MMOPRGs gameplay. Hence, they are willing to spend money or time on buying albion online gold.

Let's See What Upcoming Albion Online Major Improvements Are

Zone Rework

Remove fast travel to non-safe zones

Strongly increase the number of black zones

Introduce Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones

Introduce “naked” teleport as an alternative to fast travel in PvP zones

User Interface and Quality of Life Improvements

Friends List

Fast Salvage

Smart Casting

Repair all button

Transaction Log

PC optimized HUD

Bank asset overview

Shift Click to move items

Auto-sort/stack for banks

Improved Mount/Dismount

Allow items to be stackable

Spell Range/Skillshot Indicator

Guild management improvements

Better “mute” system to combat spammers

Improved rights management system for guilds

Outline characters/mobs that are hidden by objects

New, Expanded and Immersive Game World

More and better dungeons

Different biomes (snow, swamp)

Significantly increase world size

Make cities and zones more unique

More improvement about PvP or PvE, gathering, economy, farming, player made open world structures and much more, you can check out more: